Delivery + Setup Service: 11/26/10 - 12/24/2019

Removal + Recycling Service: Through 11/11/2020


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No more hassling to get your tree securely into the stand, we will do that for you! Once the perfect Christmas tree is inside your home, the next step is setting it vertically into the stand, then adding water & fertilizer as soon as possible. We make a fresh cut of about ¼” from the tree’s base, which will help the tree sip the water and nutrients that it needs to stay healthy during its stay at your home. We will also be sure your tree is in the exact location you desire. We even sweep up any fallen needles before leaving.


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Sadly Christmas always ends, and when it does, we make it easy to remove your tree, hassle-free and mess-free! Once you remove all decorations, we gently remove your tree from the stand and wrap it up in a large cover-- like a giant Christmas burrito. This wrap technique prevents creating a mess of scattered needles within your home (and within the hallway of your residence, if applicable). When we leave with your Christmas tree, we assure you the area will be spotless of any tree debris, including needles and branches.


Tree Recycling:

Your Christmas tree’s life does not end when we remove it from your home after the holiday. We recycle your tree into mulch and put it back onto the ground from which it came; blanketing playgrounds, walking trails, and gardens around the city. 

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